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  • Learn Math 3D on Orbital One is a basic software math course set within a real time 3D environment. 
  • The student is placed within a class room on board Orbital One space station.  
  • Nine Math topics. Eight learn modules per topic giving a total of Seventy two. 



Number system


2D and 3D Shapes
Simple Fractions
Telling  the time


  • 243 math tests giving you 27 tests per topic.
  • Another 243 math tests you can customize for your own use.
  • Simple online help within the 3D program including a tool tips and a 3D keyboard help plus an html help.
  • Test Mode

Automatic answer monitor option.  This monitors your answer and if correct moves you on to the next question. The manual answer just requires you to press the return key. You can use the mouse by pressing a button next to the board. You can pick up the 3D numbers and place them in the answer box or input the answer using the keyboard.  You can save the results which can then be viewed within the Learn Math results program.


  • Learn Mode
Each topic has eight learn modules. The Math robot takes the student through each topic. There is also a contents learn module for each topic to help the student decide on which lesson to go to.  Some of the lessons are workouts.


  • Workout lessons. 
Workout lessons are randomly created sums the student can either answer or watch the computer answer.  There are workouts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and telling the time.

The idea behind a workout lesson is to provide the student with as much practice as they want.  A random sum appears on the board, the pupil as a certain amount of time to answer the question, the answer  appears before another question is displayed.  They can sit back and watch or partake if they like, it's up to them.


  • Math maker program allows the student to create their own tests.   
  • Up to 32 students can save their test results by selecting their name from the setup program. 
  • A results program allows you to monitor the progress of up to 32 students. 



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