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  • Four Snakes and Ladders games.  
  • Two Car games. 
  • Train game.
  • Horse game.
  • Snow Sleigh game.
  • Miner game.   
  • For screen shots of all these games please go to the Screen shot index above.
  • All the games can use the Spelling Bee.
  • The Spelling Bee can use your own words or the built in Spelling dictionary.
  • Sound effects for counters and dice sound. Can be individually switched on/off.
  • Sound prompts to spell the words. Optional.
  • Spelling Bee can be set for US or UK versions.
  • Extra subject categories includes music and science plus extra categories for 5 to12 year olds.
  • Up to four players with the option of letting the computer play a counter.
  • Counters can move automatically or manually by clicking the mouse/keyboard.
  • Full timing control over Spelling Bee including how long the word is displayed, how long you have to spell the word and how long before you can input your answer.
  • Can adjust the difficulty level of the built in Spelling Bee for all four players.
  • If you want to use your own lists you have a word editor where you just input the words and they are ready for using with the games. You can cut/copy paste whole lists into the editor up to a maximum of 100 words.   
  • One or two dice option.
  • Can adjust the counter animation speed.
  • On line help.



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