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How to send an email

1.     Switch the Mail program on.   Click the Mail On  button on the Tool Bar to start Mail.   You can have your Mail box open at start up by ticking the Automatically open the database at start up check box in  the Preferences Dialog Box.  


2   Click the Compose button on the toolbar. (Key: Alt M + C ). A Dialog Box will open allowing you to select your recipients.


3.  Select your recipients and  click the Ok button.


4. The Send Email tab view will be displayed.  Add your subject text. Now you can use Rapid Email Support's  text templates or database record information to create your email. 


5. If the Email information is original ask yourself, "What chance is there I will receive similar requests for this information?".  Make a text template of the information ready for the next time!    


6. Click the Send Msg button (Alt M+E) on the Tool Bar.  The message is placed in the Outbox message folder awaiting Outlook(r) to send it.  If Outlook is currently running it can be set to automatically send outgoing messages at preset time intervals. (Options -> Mail Set up tab -> send receive )  

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