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PajerPhoto Album 3D frequently asked questions.

Q. What do I need to know to run PajerPhoto Album 3D?

A. Where on your hard drive you keep your pictures. 

If your photo software stores your pictures for you, you might not know exactly where they are on your hard drive.   Documents and Settings folder is a common place to put them. Also try looking in My Documents and My Pictures.

Q. I have selected pictures for the Album, how do I select pictures for the Gallery?

A. The Album and Gallery use the same picture database so your ready to go.

Q. In Album, how can I zoom in to increase the size of the picture?

A.  You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.   

     Alternatively  you can use the keyboard:

     Z  = Coarse zoom out         X =  Fine zoom out       C  =Fine zoom in     V  = Coarse zoom in.

Q. What is the difference between DirectX windows mode and DirectX Full screen mode in PajerPhoto Album 3D?

A. If you want to change any settings you must be in Windows mode because only Windows mode allows Dialog Boxes.  Full screen mode fills the screen and you must use F5 (clock view), F6 (Album) or F7 (Gallery) to change views instead.  If you want to get back to Windows mode press F5 then the W key.  

Q. PajerPhoto Album 3D can start at the last viewed picture but it always starts at the beginning for me. What am I doing wrong?

A. You have to set the Album or Gallery to resume at a the last picture viewed. Go to the Album and Gallery setup Dialogs and tick the resume checkbox at the bottom of each Dialog box.

Q. On start up I want to launch straight into the Album in full screen mode at a resolution of 1280x1024.

A.   For more information see the HTML help file.

1.   Ensure you are in the clock view running under the  Windows mode. ( To access  the Dialog box).

2.   Open the Set Automatic start up Dialog box.  ( Menu: Options + Set Automatic start up Key:  Alt O + A)

3.   Set the start up option to Automatic mode.

4.   Set the display option to Start in Full screen mode.

5.   Set the Adapter if you have more than one graphics card.

6.   Set the device to HAL (default). REF is very slow and is for debugging only.

7.   Set the Full screen mode.  Look for a 1280x1024 resolution if your card/driver allows it then select it. 

8.   Set the What to run at start up radio button to Album.

9.   The next time you run PajerPhoto Album 3D it will automatically use these settings.


When you do run the program in Full screen mode you will need to press  F5 to return to clock view and W if you wish to return to the Windows mode.   The Esc key will let you leave the program in Full screen mode.


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