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Tutorial 2

How to make your own spelling list using standard text windows and use them in Text Spelling Bee.

Fig 1. Tool bar for Dynamic Spelling Bee.

We start by opening a new window. Click the New List button on the Top Tool Bar. (See Fig 1 above). A blank window will appear ready for your use.

Now type in the following words, hello, world, state, company and jelly. Leave at least a space between each word. In my example below I gave each word its own line.

You can filter the word size using the Min and Max drop down list boxes and the number of words in your spelling bee list via the List Size drop down list box. ( You can also use the List Setup button)


Set the minimum word size to 5 and the maximum word size to at least seven. Now set your list size to 5 or above.

Fig 2 New text window showing where the Insertion Point should be placed.

Now place the Insertion point, also known as the caret, to just before the first word you wish to use in your spelling list. See Fig 2 above.

What is the Insertion point?

The Insertion point is the flashing cursor which looks like a vertical line that stays put until you click your left hand mouse button on the Window, it then moves to that point. It also moves as you type in letters, that is why you must set it back to the beginning so Dynamic Spelling Bee knows where to start collecting words for the list.


Now click the Make List button on the tool bar (Fig 1.) to create a text box spelling bee list. If you look at the status bar at the bottom it should should the number of words gathered. 


Fig 3 Status bar after Make List operation. Notice  the spelling dictionary is set to the US option.


Now is a good time to save the file.  Just Click the Save button on the Tool Bar (Fig 1) and input a file name. Click Ok and return to the Window. You can click the    button anytime to see what words where actually collected by Make List.


If the Make list total in the status bar shows at least one word the Text spelling Bee Tool Bar button becomes active. Click the Bee Text Box button to enter

The Text Box Spelling Bee will now use your latest spelling list until you make a new one using the Make List button.  

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