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Hamlet Prince of Denmark election envy
Claudius  Cornelius arrow antique
 Marcellus Bernardo Francisco Reynaldo  Gertrude  silence casual field shoot battery  encounter
son nephew lord chamberlain friend clown ghost grave diggers soldier queen king officers
messengers attendants courtiers servant ambassadors captain ladies sailors comply 
 castle churchyard Norway  England Poland apparition fortified scholar

51 - 100

majesty fantasy martial eruption observant privy malicious gracious acquaint auspicious counter world
coronation petition obstinate  nobility dexterity
disposition truant crescent safety credent habit caution prodigal fish flagon
sanctified  assume fretful business faith liberty falsehood perusal beyond
transformation policy preparation employ brevity bespeak beseech humbly doomsday
infinite inhibition uncle aunt treasure

101 - 145

dismal gore dammed roasted wrath hellish rage senseless peasant melancholy paradox
determination conference wisdom distrust thrift hypocrite rhapsody visitation mightier instrumental
transports multitude  worm progress earth divine invisible custom voyage  scripture    plausive Osric Fortinbras Ophella Elsinore Jephthah  condolement  Rosencrantz Guildenstern implorators  Polonius Horatio Laertes Voltimand

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