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Dynamic Spelling Bee frequently asked questions.

Q. When I repeat a Spelling Bee list it would be nice to just repeat the words I failed and not the other words.

A. The default is to repeat all words but you can easily change this to failures only. Go to your Property Sheet and select User List Options. The Repeat control radio buttons allow you to pick Repeat all or Repeat list failures, click the Repeat list failures radio button then close the Properties sheet.

When you repeat the spelling bee list only failures will be selected so don't be surprised if the spelling bee tells you there are no words to repeat.


Q. I can not get Dynamic Spelling Bee to add all the words to the spelling bee list when I click the make list button.

A. Check that the Insertion point, known as the caret in Windows, is at the start of your list. You can't miss the Insertion point, it flashes and is always to the right of the letter you are typing.

Still bad? Now check your property sheet which contains all the settings for each user. Click the Property button on the Toolbar and ensure the minimum and maximum word lengths on User List Setup page allow you to pick the words you want. The default is four minimum and ten maximum so change them if a word you want to include is outside this range. Also check the list total, the default is ten but can be up to 50 words in length.

The status bar will now show you how many words were actually selected.

Remember when you click the Make List button it will make a list from the active window, that is the one with the blue (default) caption background.


Q. How can I test myself on failed spelling dictionary words only.

A. Go to your Properties Sheet and select User List Setup. Set the List type to failures only and click the Ok button.


Still no failures even though you know you spelt some words incorrectly?   If you are in practice mode the dynamic dictionary is not adjusted so you will never have any failures. Go to your Property Sheet and select User List Options and make sure the level adjustment radio button is set to manual (default) or auto and not practice



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