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Direct X requirements 

   PajerPhoto Album 3D requires  Microsoft's Direct X version 8.0 or above to be installed.


PajerGallery 3D and Learn Math 3D require  Microsoft's Direct X version 7.0 or above to be installed.


If you are already running  Microsoft's Windows 98, 2000, XP  or Me (tm) you will more than likely already have version 7.0 or above  installed. You can go to your Start/Settings/Control Panel and open the Direct X option to find out what version you have.

You can obtain the latest version of Direct X directly from Microsoft's web site:

Microsoft DirectX


If you have brought a 3D game,  Direct X will normally be a standard requirement.  You can obtain the latest version of Direct X directly from Microsoft's web site. If you have bought any recent computer magazines you will often find a copy of Direct X on  them.

Later versions than 7.0 will also be fine because Direct X is backward compatible to version 7.0.

You can go to your Control program and open the Improve performance Dialog Box and tick the Start up Direct X test.

This is a simple test that displays some useful information about your hardware for 20 seconds then starts the animation as normal.  It tells you if your Direct X drivers are Microsoft certified and what the maximum bitmap size your video card will accept.

If your video drivers are not DirectX (tm) certified it does not mean programs will not work, only that Microsoft has not approved the drivers. 

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