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What's new in 3.1 

1. The new upgrade  now contains a spelling bee for the built in spelling dictionary and a spelling bee for spelling lists from text files. The spelling bee interface for both has been improved. 

2. The dictionary spelling bee now allows you to select the dictionary category, word length filters and list size from within the spelling bee.

3. Some of the more uncommon complex words have been removed from the main spelling dictionary and replaced by 2000 common words.

4. An improved dictionary import. Words and sounds can now be imported.  You can download word/sound dictionaries to add to Dynamic Spelling Bee.  

Dynamic Spelling Bee can still use spelling lists as well as the built in spelling dictionary. See our  free Spelling List Library for spelling lists. If the sound is available in via dictionary you can blank out the word and the text files can use the sound if it is in the dictionary.


  • You can record a word and link it to an actual word in the dictionary.
  • You could then use that recording in the Spelling Bee to pronounce the word.
  • The quality of the recording is limited only by the disk space, microphone & sound card.
  • High quality recording can be linked to a word. No more robotic voices.
  • Prompts in Spelling Bee can be spoken or silent.
  • In learn/Ripple mode the letters are spoken before the spelling attempt. You could make up a word called abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and the program will speak the Alphabet then ask the user to repeat it!
  • A category containing sound examples is included. 
  • Version 3.0  Improved sound card device detection.
  • Version 3.0  If word sound available then you have the option to blank out the word display.

Spelling Dictionary

  • 20,000+ word main spelling dictionary.  Version 3.0  Have removed 2000+ uncommon words from the main dictionary and replaced them with everyday words. 
  • Version 3.0 7000 words in up to a dozen categories with at least 30 free for your use
  • Dictionary words can be dynamically monitored for all 10 users. Each word status is updated with the user's latest attempt.
  • The user spelling attempt can adjust the status of that word in the dictionary either towards a failure level or a mastered level. You can effectively remove the word from the dictionary for that user when it reaches a mastered level. What's even more important failures only can be attempted. This dynamic adjustment of the word status is where the name of the program comes from!
  • Version 3.1 You now Import sound dictionaries via an import wizard making it easier to download extra dictionary words/sounds.  These can be downloaded via our web site.

Dictionary Spelling Bee

  • Version 3.0 Improves the look and feel of the spelling bee.
  • Can produce random word lists from a spelling dictionary.
  • Dictionary can be dynamically adjusted to eliminate mastered words.
  • U.K. or U.S.  spelling dictionary variations.
  • 10 users are dynamically connected to dictionary.
  • Can repeat word list or just the failures.
  • Learn mode can flash or ripple the word, a useful aid.
  • Full control over timing and display.
  • Version 3.0  If sound available can be used without displaying the word. 

Text file  Spelling Bee 

  • Version 3.0  New Text box spelling bee just for your Text spelling lists.
  • Version 3.0  Same control over the spelling bee as the Dictionary spelling bee. 
  • Version 3.0  Can repeat word list or just the failures.
  • Version 3.0  You can transfer your spelling list into the dictionary in one go! 
  • Can use ordinary text files to load and save Spelling Bee lists
  • Set the cursor to just before the list, click a button, and your list is created - its that simple . 
  • Use standard edit functions cut, copy and paste for added flexibility.
  • Ten new spelling lists that  concentrate on words for  5 to 11 year olds.  
  • You can now download from within Dynamic Spelling Bee spelling lists from our web site directly into your text lists folder.

Browse the dictionary

  • Built in informal multimedia  Spelling Bee, save words to your Scrap Pad.
  • Displays the words in sequential or Random order.
  • Step through the dictionary one word at a time, save any word to your scrap pad.
  • Play the dictionary like a CD deck.
  • Version 3.0 Improved interface and response.   Slider can be moved from A to Z in the dictionary. 

Dictionary Editor

  • Version 3.0  Improved user interface.
  • See above for new Bulk transfer of words into the dictionary!
  • This is where you make and link the sound recording. You can use any sound recorder and just link the waveform file.
  • Search, amend, add or delete words using the dictionary Editor.
  • You could use the dictionary to add words from a different language provided it contains letters only from the English Alphabet, for example Welsh or Latin.

Other features

  • Scrap Pad for each user
  • Version 3.0  New HTML on line help
  • View or print your previous history
  • View and/or print the words from your last Spelling Bee session, along with your attempt at the word
  • New user wizard
  • Send spelling bee list as email attachment if you use MAPI client, i.e. Outlook Express.
  • Can decide on first time start up if you require US or UK dialect. This can be changed at any time afterwards.
  • Store window size/position of window. (For high resolution monitors).
  • The date used in the history report is now correct  for  US or European formats.
  • User history is no longer lost when you increase the size of the number of records. 
  • We have simplified the software and removed all password systems and CD ROM file paths.





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